Sunday, 22 April 2012

GTAC 2011 - Google Test Automation Conference

Just found GTAC ( and it looks like there are a good number of talks that are really interesting.

Here are the Talks page which ironically page crashes Chrome since it tries to load up a very large number of video players :)

The agenda is quite impressive and although there is only one security focused presentation ('How Hackers See Bugs' by Hugh Thompson) I bet security is covered by other presentations.

Look for example how there is no OWASP references (including I believe) project leaders. If OWASP wants to change application security, this is the one of the places to be. That said, not all is lost, since I just noticed that Hugh Thompson  did a presentation at OWASP MSP in March ( , videos not online)


Rock Den said...

Often, you written functional Test Automation as regression tests, after the functionality is supposed to work. In other situations, I've been able to write these kinds of tests in advance, as part of an ATDD, or BDD process

Arina Golosovskaya said...

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