Wednesday, 9 May 2012

JustCode, anybody using it?

Just saw and It looks like an interesting alternative to Resharper. I stopped using Resharper due to its performance (was slowing down VisualStudio quite a lot).

I wonder if JustCode is better?

Anybody using it?

What about it's code analysis capabilities? Any security rules in there?

Btw, I'm still amazed that these tools (code analysis and productivity) have not entered the SAST (Static Application Security Testing) market.

They clearly have all the artefacts/code-representations required to find security vulnerabilities via taint-flow analysis (and their GUIs/Workflows are so much more 'developer friendly')


Chris Eargle said...

Hello Dinis! I work for Telerik, so of course I think it's better =). However, I think it's important to try out a Visual Studio Productivity Tool yourself to make the determination whether or not it's the best fit for you. We focus on unobtrusiveness and speed (it runs outside of Visual Studio's process). Give it a try and let me know what you think!

As for SAST, we have focused on developer productivity rather than providing checks/fixes for security issues. JustCode's API is open, so it is possible to create extensions to JustCode to do this.

Dinis Cruz said...

Hi Chris

Is it possible to run JustCode outside of VisualStudio? (ie. without having the VS Process open)