Friday, 25 May 2012

Video: Installing and running CefSharp (C# Chrome with WPF Browser)

UPDATE (Jan/13): See PoC - Selenium - Gui with 3 Hijacked Browser Windows.h2 post for a much better and powerful way to consume Chrome (and IE and Firefox) in another process

After we were able to Run Chrome inside O2  here is O2's native support for the CefSharp API (note that the first time that API is used, the install files will be downloaded and unzipped locally (if 7zip is not installed locally, it also will be downloaded and installed)

Here is the video that shows the CefSharp (C# Chrome) WPF and Windows Browser Controls in action:

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anthony said...

Glad that CefSharp is working for you. Please get in touch with me using the CefSharp Google Group, or file a github issue if you have any problems.

Dinis Cruz said...

Thanks Anthony, I just did that:!topic/cefsharp/82Kr7NRhBP0