Saturday, 27 October 2012

Adding Tags to TeamMentor Master repository

With 3.2 out, its time to add some Git Tags to the main TeamMentor/Master repository (which at the moment has none):

In a local Git Bash of this repository, we can create a tag using $ git tag -a v3.2  -m '3.2 Release'

Next we push that tag into GitHub using $ git push tm_master v3.2

And if we look back in GitHub's Tag page, we will see that our v3.2 tag is in there:

At the moment we are keeping track of the previous versions using Git Branches (but I think that tags will do a better job)

For example here is 3.1 release (with the f71b016241 id)

We can use this ID value to create the 3.1 tag

Use gitk to find the SHA1 ID of the 3.0 release

Which we use to create the 3.0 tag:

After pushing to GitHub, the Tag page looks like this:

What is really cool about these Git Tags is that they also provide a nice location to download a particular release :)