Thursday, 25 October 2012

Consuming CheckMarx WebServices

Checkmarx exposes three WebServices (one as ASMX and two as WCF) which are used by their clients tools, for example the VisualStudio Add-in (that can be downloaded from here)


Which is the main external interface to their engine and can be accessed at public URL like for example (the Checkmarx server used on their web trials is at )


Which can be accessed at  http://localhost/CxSourceAnalyzerEngineWCF  and is only available locally (on the server)


Which can be accessed at http://localhost/CxSourceAnalyzerManagerWCF/  and is also only available locally (on the server)

The O2 tool that you see above is the Util - WSDL Invoke and Scripting v1.0.exe which is my preferred way to consume and script WSDL based webservices.

But if you just want the C# you can, get them from the local O2 Scripts folder or from:

UPDATE (26/Oct/12) : There is actually a 4th webservice (asmx) which is in the deployed application folder but not exposed via an webserver (at least in the default install).

It can be found at:

And it has a number of interesting methods (which I think are also available via the exposed ones):