Friday, 26 October 2012

Get Html transformations of CWE Html from Checkmarx WebService

Next on the CheckMarx+TeamMentor path, I was curious to see if Checkmarx had rules for all the CWE entries on their database (which are about 865), so now that I have a nice way to get a dump of all their rules  I was able to run a quick quick C# LINQ query to calculate the unique CWE ids and then download the current HTML (gist is here):

So from the query, it looks like there are only 411 unique IDs, which makes sense since Checkmarx must have imported the whole CWE public data (just in case)

Once that script is completed, we will have a folder with 411 html files (which are the CWE entries that there are rules for, and are the ones we will need to have TeamMentor pages for)