Monday, 8 October 2012

Idea: Sync Blogger Posts with a GitHub repository

From the end of the So if my blog account is compromised can I sue Google? post comes an interesting WebService idea:

Sync Blogger posts with a GitHub repository 

The idea is to backup the contents of a blogger account into a Git repository hosted by GitHub, which would give it version control and reusability.

In practice this shouldn't be that hard:

  • Subscribe to RSS feed (starting with the big XML export that Blogger already provides)
  • Create Git repository locally with ability to:
    • Push to GitHub
    • Download 
    • Pull directly
  • There needs to be some thinking on the best way to organize the files on the git reposity
  • It would be really cool if the files could be stored in a way that they could be consumed by other tools (like TeamMentor or )