Thursday, 25 October 2012

Making TeamMentor run on UltiDev server

Since Checkmarx runs on UltiDev's web server, it makes sense to also host TeamMentor on it (vs IIS which might not be installed on the target server).

The installation process was quite easy:
  1. downloaded the eval copy of TeamMentor (which is the full engine with the OWASP Library) 
  2. added a website in UltiDev's gui
  3. configured the site to be an ASP.NET and pointed it to the TM_Website folder
  4. didn't use any virtual dir, since Checkmarx wasn't using it and TeamMentor likes it that way :)
  5. that was it

Here is what the UltiDev config looks like:

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 Here TeamMentor in action:

In the same server as the Checkmarx web application is located: