Thursday, 25 October 2012

Updating Checkmarx license

I just updated the server-side Checkmarx  license on SI's test server.

Before the update, it looked like this (note the 10000 LOC limitation):

After receiving a new license file on email, I used the TeamMentor Library upload (drag-and-drop) feature to copy that file to the server: 

Then I renamed it and copied that file to the Licenses folder (after backing up the previous license) 

Restarted the UltiDev web server:

And the Checkmarx Services:

And after logging in again, the license was updated (note the 50k LOC):

This process could be more smooth, but at least I didn't had to: 

Install an installer for the installer that will update the license manager that will update the license, that can only be downloaded from a particular website, after running another tool that needs a separate install process, which sometimes is not compatible with the current OS/set-up/firewall, and when finally the license is installed the multi-gigabyte product (done over 3 rounds of 'installs and updates') will work (fingers crossed), with the caveat that that app so much C^*&% on it that runs like a dog .... know who you are :)