Thursday, 25 October 2012

Using Scripted (JS Editor from VMWare) to build Mobile Site

When I was creating the First working version of TeamMentor Mobile I gave scripted a test drive and I quite like it.

You can read more at Scripted: A Javascript Editor from vmware and this is what my GUI looked like:

Since the scripted stuff on the bin folder wasn't working (on Windows), to start scripted, I added the node.exe file to the server directory and launched scripted from there using node scripted.js

I really like the real-time feedback on JS Errors and it is nice to code on an IDE that understands Javascript.

What I really want to learn more is the use of Annotated JavaScript for the Closure Compiler (see since this could be a great way to add type information to Javascript. Note how in the TM_Mobile.js file (screenshot above), it starts with /* global ... */ which tells the compiler to accept those variables as globals

One feature that I would like to see was an auto-preview of the code changes (in a browser window)