Sunday, 21 October 2012

You will not have your best ideas when you are in a position of Power

Here is a simple idea that should explain why I'm blogging so much these days (i.e. I'm trying to find a place to store my ideas (good and bad)).

Statistically it doesn't make sense to think that you will have your best ideas when you are in a position of power. 

This could also be said as "You will not have 'Simple Solutions' when you are in Power"

By 'Power' I don't mean that you can just 'order' others what to do, it could be just as well that your opinion and ideas are wanted, and you happen to be so well respected that your ideas will be executed/implemented. I mean 'Power' to have your ideas implemented

By 'Simple Solutions' I mean, solutions that have gone though multiple refactoring of good and bad ideas and 'are just right' (there is nothing more to add or remove)

I actually think that what happens, is that where you are in a position of power, the amount of time available to 'think' and come up with the best/innovative solutions is very small.

It also doesn't help if all ideas are executed since there is a finite amount of energy and resources, and sometimes it is very damaging to spend to much time on a bad (or half-baked idea).