Sunday, 2 December 2012

I never liked the term 'Rugged Software', what about Robust/Resilient Software?

I still have not fully rationalised why I don't like (as security professional and as a developer) the term (and some parts of the concept) of the Rugged Software

Recently when talking about similar concepts (i.e. writing secure code/applications) I found myself talking about the need to create Robust/Resilient Applications.

Isn't Resilient Software a better term to describe applications/code that are able to correctly handle, mitigate and react to malicious behaviour/input?


Marinus said...

I feel the same way. I do however think they are on the right track. Perhaps I'm just being pedantic.

Dinis Cruz said...

Same here, the rugged software (as a concept) concept in on the right direction/track, but names and positioning matter, specially when trying to community with another side that it is not listening.

Is there any data regarding how well it is working (or not)?

Alex Bandit said...

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