Thursday, 3 January 2013

2013 wish list and objectives

Happy new year. I’m just back from spending a week in the US where I actually didn’t touch my laptop (for work or coding) and was able to relax, read a number of books and spend a great time with family and friends.

On the way back I started writing on my (paper-based) molenskine notebook a bunch of ideas/concepts/plans (which should appear in future blog posts)

One of the things I wrote down was this (unedited and not-in-specific order) 2013 wish list and objectives:

  • not travel (as much as I did in 2005 till 2010)
  • continue to be able to get into ‘high focus/development/productive zones’
  • improve O2 Platform, continue its innovation path and make it easier to use, more powerful and effective
  • make TeamMentor a success (from a product,workflow, and sales point of view)
  • find ways to work with security tool vendors in making their products/services ‘work’ for real-world applications and in connecting integrating them (IBM, HP, Veracode, Checkmarx, VulnFix, Anti-Virus, Insurance companies, etc…)
  • find ways to effectively run distributed dev teams
  • learn how to draw (maybe creating cartoons with AppSec scenarios)
  • fail more
  • blog more (maybe of different blogs)
  • write book reviews
  • learn new programming languages
  • continue to document my ideas for WebAppSec and OWASP (and trying to point OWASP into a better direction)
  • clean my inbox (namely getting to the point where I don’t have any unread messages)
  • keeping fit, by playing more/better 5-a-side football (maybe restarting playing tennis)
  • sort out my financial problems and debt
    • increase my income
    • fully pay my Tax bills and Bank Overdraft
  • continue to walk barefoot
    • try to run most days (try new barefoot shoes)
    • take more care of my feet
  • take time to re-read the notes created over the past years (spread over multiple notebooks)
  • continue reading books and learning


Anonymous said...

Love it. Keep up the drive, always inspiring to see! I will post mine shortly. Working hard on the book. My themes was to simplify my life with less things but do them better. The Business and Book have beaten Seconauts that simply has to be put off. Anyways more in a blog soon.

Happy 2013 dude!

Dinis Cruz said...

Thanks man, I really appreciate your words :)

That was definitely a post that took me out of my confort zone (since there is quite a lot of personal exposure in there). More and more I'm trying to live in an open way and share my idea s and thoughts (specially since In 2012 I was able to gain an independence and 'freedom of information publishing' that I never had before)

Although I'm sorry to hear about Seconauts I was expecting that. Nobody is able to pull that kind of community project without infrastructure and a wide support, which ironically means that you should had done that as an OWASP project so that it would have a change to live beyond your energy and focus.

Btw are you going to open up the repos at ?

See now why I was asking you open it before I started to contribute (and be actively involved?)