Thursday, 7 February 2013

First batch of questions for .NET Developer contracting work

Regarding the Two 6-months contract to work on TeamMentor (QA and Dev) here is my first batch of questions to the candidates:
  • have you use Git? and GitHub?
  • what is your development toolset?
    • OS
    • IDE
    • IDE Extensions
    • Tools
    • Custom Scripts (in what language)
  • what is your preferred way to write Unit tests for C# code (on the backend)?
  • what is your preferred way to write Unit tests for C# code (for webservices)?
  • have you written browser automation? if so using what Browser automation API? (Selenium, Watin, Watir, Cucumber)
  • have you written a DSL (Domain Specific language)?
  • what kind of Javascript frameworks have you coded on?
  • what is your preferred way to write Unit tests for Javascript code?
  • what are your views on jslint vs jshint?
  • have you used/set-up a CI environment like the one provided by TeamCity
  • have you used SAST tools? (Security static analysis)
  • have you used DAST tools? (Security dynamic analysis)
  • have you used AOP before, namely PostSharp? (If so, to do what?)
  • what are your favourite technologic and programming books?
  • have you used the O2 Platform?
  • have you used NodeJS? (if so what do you think of it?)
  • what do you think of file-based XML databases (like the one used by TeamMentor)
  • do you have secure-coding skills?
    • on fixing security vulns (which ones?)
    • on finding security vulns  (what type?)
    • in exploiting security vulns (what was the exploit scenario?)
  • have you fuzzed a unit-test? (how?)

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