Saturday, 16 March 2013

Feature request: Tweet backups to Git/GitHub

Here is a feature that would help to make the most of the amazing knowledge that is daily shared on twitter.

The idea is to have tweet data stored in a git repository which would contain:
  • Tweets (all available info for each tweet, which is a LOT more than what is currently exposed on the multiple tweet client apps)
  • Followers
  • Following
  • Connects (when others reference the account)
Ideally there should be a commit for each item , but a daily commit should also work.

This would also allow for offline analysis of tweet data and to have strong non-repudiation (since each tweet stored would be connected into each other)

A quick google search didn't reveal a good solution for it:


btw: this nodeJs solution looks interesting

Meanwhile, while looking at those google results via the shutdown of,  I found that you can now backup your tweets :


You can request it on the page


which when clicked shows:


Let’s see what happens next (and what type of data we will get from this twitter backup)

Update: see What do the Twitter backups downloadable files look like post