Tuesday, 26 March 2013

TeamMentor 3.3 RC4 - Final tests, please have a go

Hello, we're on the final stretch for releasing a major update to TeamMentor and it would be great if you give it a test drive!

The current release is called TM 3.3. and is mainly focused on a number of changes we developed specifically for our TeamMentor.net version (i.e. the public read-only version of TeamMentor). The source code is published on the main TM repository, at the 3_3_Release branch (see  https://github.com/TeamMentor/Master/tree/3_3_Release )

There are a huge amount of backend changes to this version, for example: new User schema/store (with much better user management and visualization), support for SMTP email, auto git commit/push/pull, new admin controls, CI (Continuous Integration) friendly, about 300 new UnitTests, tons of bug fixes, and much more (more details to follow)

This version also changes the way we deploy and configure TeamMentor (works the same for TM stand-alone version, but is much more cloud-friendly).

For your tests, here are the two versions you should focus on:
The version at https://tm-www.azurewebsites.net is supposed to be an exact copy of https://www.teammentor.net (at the moment all users have been imported, and there is only the C++ library missing (which there is a conflict with the use of ++ in the name (which is something that GitHub doesn't like))). Please test if your previous user account and password still works (I can't tell you what is the password since we only stored hashes of them :)  ) and let us known if you spot any missing/broken functionality.

As before, you are invited to hack TeamMentor and find as many vulnerabilities has you can :)