Saturday, 13 April 2013

Is Google+ a step too far? Why Google should care about our Privacy (not try to erode it) and SAST to the rescue!

On the issue of Google+ being a step-to-far in its 'connecting the dots capabilities' and 'exposure of personal information', I wrote the text below in an amazing (internal to SI) thread about this topic (again it pains me that such great wisdom is going to be lost forever in the email's black hole)

is right, whoever has access to Google's data already knows/controls probably all he/she wants to know about SI and it's employees.

The worry that I have (which I think is shared by ABC) is how little control/understanding we have of how the data we create is exposed (and used). Basically this is a privacy issue. I/We want to control and manage my/our information and data

What Google+ does is make is easier to connect our digital trails. I also resisted it for a while and now only have google+ on my account.

Ultimately Google will need to realize that they should be the defenders of our privacy, not the ones trying to erode it (for their short/medium term benefit), if they don't, its users will eventually move to a platform that DOES provide the desired 'Privacy service/environment'.

The irony, is that the data and interconnections that we create every day is so large, that we will need the equivalent of SAST technology to be able to process it, understand it, visualize it and create actionable items (i.e. informed decisions).