Tuesday, 9 April 2013

OWASP Executive Director Role (Not yet)

Following the announcement sent today to the owasp-leaders list (see below), I replied with my view that OWASP doesn't need this role today:

I think it is great that a decision to add another resource to OWASP super OpsTeam (the employees) was made, but as I said many times before I don't think that OWASP needs a CEO/ Executive-Director today.

For the record, I DO think that one day OWASP will need such position, but not today. At the moment, my view is that we should be adding resources to help our Projects or in managing the owasp.org website content.

What we need are another Kate, Sarah, Kelly or Samantha, they still work FAR too much for OWASP and my worry is that they will implode one day. Not sure that they need a boss to tell them what to do, if anything I would delegate to them the powers currently 'assigned' to the Executive Director.

That said, assuming that this hire will go ahead, can we please have the whole process done in a transparent and open way? And by that I mean that ALL details about this job should be done via the OWASP wiki (including the 'salary package'). We should also ask all candidates to apply publicly and to be available to answer questions from the OWASP leaders and members.

Dinis Cruz

On 9 April 2013 00:04, Michael Coates <michael.coates@owasp.org> wrote:

I'm excited to announce the creation of an executive director position at owasp. The motion was passed at today's board meeting.

Here's the public post that went out today.


OWASP Creates Executive Director Position

OWASP is driven by volunteers and the contributions of thousands all over the world. Behind the scenes there is also a group of dedicated paid staff that focus on critical operations to ensure the OWASP engine keeps running strong. This team has grown organically over the years as OWASP has recognized the need for dedicated full time individuals to focus on specific task items. In each of these areas we've seen great successes from our staff.

As OWASP continues to grow we must also ensure our structure and supporting operations team grows too. The next step in that growth is the creation of the OWASP Executive Director role. The individual in this role will lead the focus and resourcing of our operations team to ensure we execute on our strategic goals each year. This individual will ultimately be responsible for leading the operations team to success and will report directly to the OWASP board. This role will maximize the value our operations team provides to our community, projects and the world. 

This is an exciting step forward for OWASP and a demonstration of the continued growth of our community.

Michael Coates | OWASP | @_mwc

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