Thursday, 18 April 2013

WinForms WebBrowser running inside a WPF Host (controlled by a WinForms TreeView)

Here is an example of how to use FluentSharp’s WPF/WinForms Extension Methods to host the WinForms WebBrowser Control (IE based) inside the WPF Graph element.

In the O2 Platform, open the PoC - View Graph.h2 script:

image which looks like image

Then create a new graph:


Add a WinForms host with a WebBrowser inside it


You can also add other WinForm controls (like a TreeView) and use the FluentSharp ExtensionMethods to populate it:


And even have events in one control triggering actions in another one (in this case selecting an node on the TreeView will open the page in the Web Browser)

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