Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Offline copy of the entire NuGet.org gallery. What should I do with these 4.05 Gbs of amazing .Net Apps/APIs?

As you can read on the posts below, I was able to create an offline copy of the entire http://nuget.org/ gallery (as of the 4th of May)

My question now is: What do I do with it? :)

Here are some ideas:
  • Upload it all to a server with directory listing enabled
  • Put it all on a massive GitHub repo in the current state
  • Put it all on a massive GitHub repo in an unziped state (so that it is easy to consume and see the differences)
  • Put it all on an GitHub organisation (or Gitorious) with each package unziped and on a separate repo (making even easier to consume and see what changed)
  • Run Cat.Net code scanner on all packages and see how many vulnerabilities are discovered (with a way to first disclose them privately to the package owners)
  • Run other Security/code-quality analysis and see what is the current state of the industry?
  • Put it on BitTorrent
  • Other?????

this is the O2 Platform's C# REPL script that downloads all data:

and creates this folder with 4.05Gbs NuGet Packages: