Thursday, 2 May 2013

Still trying to find a way to get in trouble at SI :)

Humm, even with my constant leak of internal threads, push TeamMentor deadlines/releases (just to squeeze in features that I really believe are important for SI/TM) and a really strong push to 'open anything that moves' at SI, I still get this quote from Ed Adams (answering a question from an ex-boss of mine)

Ex-boss question: how is that "Crazy cowboy" doing at SI? 

(Crazy Cowboy = me)

Ed's answer: "...he's not crazy and he's no cowboy. he's a developer with seemingly boundless passion and energy who pushes us on the topic of openess beyond our comfort zone.... but we find our comfort zone ever expanding with his influence..."

I guess I need to try harder :)

(btw: if you are curious about SI's work environment take a look at Question about SI's level of openness and empowerment)