Friday, 17 May 2013

The post that broke Feedburner

Here is something weird, I was noticing that some of my recent posts were not having the normal traffic and after digging a little bit I found that the last post on the xml feed:

image points to which redirects to feedburner


The problem is that Feedburner currently has the Creating an Lambda Method that creates an Asmx WebServices WebMethod invocation wrapper post as the last one.

Which as can be seen below, is clearly not the case:


I wonder what is going on?

I might be that feedburner stopped working, or that there is a something in the content in the last fetched post or the next one ( that is breaking the xml feed.

The feedburner stats doesn’t report anything major:


Trying to remove the next post (made it 'draft')  didn’t make a difference. The prob was still there.

Since after searching the interweb for a bit it looks like Google is giving up on Feedburner, and I didn’t really used Feedburner regularly (for stats and other things), its probably better to just stop using it completely (another option be to use the paid service as recommended by a number of other past feedburner users)

Here is how to remove it:


After saving it, the feed stopped redirecting, and the latest posts show in the rss feed:


I also just checked on Google reader (note to-self find alternative before the 1st of June) on the web and on my iphone and it is now updated

Hopefully I will not lose a lot of readers (I will try to spend some time later looking at what is happening at feedburner and if there is a way to let any direct users know)