Hire me

If you want to hire me (for a project, training, consulting or FTE), here are my details.

My CV is at LinkedIn, Twitter is @DinisCruz , email is dinis.cruz@owasp.org and my open source contributions are at https://github.com/DinisCruz.

Please see the AppSec and Software Quality and Using JIRA to manage RISKS presentations for good examples of how I approach Application Security.

My typical engagement is AppSec consulting (Threat Modeling , Security Review, Security Teams mentoring). This can range from a couple days, to regular 2x days a week for 3/6 months.

I can also deliver highly customised AppsSec training (usually in blocks of 2 days) to teams of developers and technical managers (think of this as an 'Security training with built-in Security review of your applications').

In terms of fees, here is what I currently charge:

  • Daily rate for Consulting: £1,250
  • Daily rate for Training: £2,500

Full time employment is possible in (about) 4 months time
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